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Peppermint Mocha Latte. Easy Vegan Recipe.

Peppermint Mocha Latte. Easy Vegan Recipe.

1 serving, 5 minutes

Plant Based, Vegan

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  1. 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

  2. 1 tbsp melted vegan chocolate

  3. 1 tbsp maple syrup

  4. ¼ tsp peppermint extract

  5. Vegan Whipped Cream

  6. Candy Cane Spoons and Flakes

  7. Coffee

Products used in this recipe

Peppermint Extract

Maple Syrup

Almond Milk

Vegan Chocolate

Candy Cane Spoons

Measuring Cups

Updated Version

Measuring Spoons

Coffee Spoons

Almond Whipped Cream

Coffee Mug

How to Make

  1. Make a cup of coffee.

  2. Melt the chocolate either in the microwave or stove top.

  3. Add all ingredients to a frother, except the whipped cream and candy can flakes.

  4. Cover and Blend. ( for stove top, whisk all ingredients together in a small size pan. Heat on medium for 2 minutes, and keep whisking)

  5. Add coffee to your favorite mug filling it ½ way.

  6. Then add the peppermint latte. Stir

  7. Top with vegan whipped cream and candy cane flakes.

  8. Enjoy.

Eat well. Feel good. Be Happy.

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