Healthy Green Smoothie Vegan Recipe

Healthy Green Smoothie Vegan Recipe. Antioxidants, Healthy Fats and Weight Loss Meal.

1 serving, Plant Based Vegan

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  1. 1 cup Kale

  2. 1 cup Spinach

  3. 1 Cup Frozen Mango

  4. 1 Frozen Banana

  5. ½ of an Avocado

  6. 1 tbsp Amazing Greens

  7. 1 tbsp Chia Seeds

  8. 1 tbsp Hemp Seeds

  9. 1 inch Ginger Root

  10. Handful Cilantro

  11. 1 cup water

How to Make

  1. Add all Ingredients to a blender

  2. Blend until smooth

  3. Enjoy

Blenders I like to Use

  1. Ninja (used in this video)

  2. Nurti Bullet

  3. Basic Blender

Eat Well. Feel Good. Be Happy.

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