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Week Two

Image by Frank Zhang

Shopping Tip 

Choose peaches that are firm or slightly soft flesh. Avoid brownish, bruised or wrinkled ones. Last but not least, the sweeter the smell the riper the peach. 

Image by Rebecca Luna


Peaches continue to ripe after they are picked. If your peaches are firm you can leave them on your counter top for a few days. Then add them to your refrigerator of you will not eat right away. 

Image by Irina

Peach Benefits


  • Packed with nutrients and antioxidants.

  • Loaded with vitamin A, C which help support healthy skin.

  • Contains beta carotene which helps protect skin from sun damage and helps create a natural glow. 

  • Helps to protect your eyes.

  • Good for digestion.

  • Contains potassium and calcium.

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