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Eat Well - Feel Good - Be Happy

Wellness with Missy


About Me

I am Melissa Amato!

“Health is Wealth ” Emerson

Hello. Thank you for stopping by. Here you will find simple to make plant-based vegan recipes and inspiration to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

I created this blog to share my love of plant-based vegan food, vegan lifestyle and holistic wellness. I hope you enjoy and find bits of inspiration.

Eat Well. Feel Good. Be Happy.

Wellness With Missy

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Wellness With Missy


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Our comprehensive coaching program includes over 200 plant based recipes, nutritionist approved meal plans, chat with Missy Q & A's, coaching sessions, weekly wellness tips and a private lifestyle community. Come join us.

Eat well. feel good. be happy.


Wellness With Missy

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Wellness With Missy

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